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A Bit of P&S Building Supply History

Wooden Planks

After working for a contractor to help build the Welcome Lutheran Church in Industry, TX, earning $1.25 a day, Eddie Pilcik set off on his own in the construction business.  With only a 5th grade education, he was the draftsman, architect, contractor, plumber and framer all in one, able to calculate all the lumber and incorporate the physics of construction. For the first 15 years in construction, a handshake was the only contract. Eddie built hundreds of homes throughout the Central Texas area, and even today a “Pilcik Built House” is one to be desired.  In 1977, Eddie and Alice built and opened the P&S Building Supply store.  For over 40 years, P&S Building Supply has provided the highest quality lumber and related building materials with expert customer service.

Hardware Store

In 2021, the Williams family became a part of the P&S Building Supply team as the new owners with the goal of maintaining the great business reputation P&S Building Supply as developed over the past 44 years.  The Williams family look forward to working with current and new P&S Building Supply customers and suppliers for many more years.

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